Sunday, 21 May 2017


Five years later and here I am again. The last time I posted I was writing about fashion and beauty because that was something I'd just started to enjoy. I wanted to explore my style and evolve this new found passion I had, as many girls do in their early twenties. Now I'm sitting here with a pretty decent sense of what type of clothes I like to wear but looking at the world with so much inner conflict.

I used to keep a diary of 'moans' which was basically inserts of feelings I had about my then boyfriend. I have a different boyfriend now who I've been with for over a year and he seems to play a big part in this inner conflict I am carrying around, amongst many other things. I remembered I used to really like writing my thinkings and feelings down in that little book, and I would like to do something like that again. Only this time I'd like to write down all the great and beautiful things in my life as well so I don't fall into that awful trap of negativity. Hello Blogger.

So if you have wondered across to this blog and may be interested in this twenty-something year olds wonderings, expect all kinds of things. But in essence, a lifestyle blog about searching for inner happiness from a girl who is, basically, totally confused.


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